Best Book

I am in love with books especially mystery and romance.

Nice book

The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, Book 4) - Maggie Stiefvater

I personally loved this book,must read if you want to know why?

Best Book

BRUNETTE AND HER BUNNY - ATHIRA BHARGAVAN Our Flop Love Story till Valentine - Athira Bhargavan Invictus: The Double Face Invisible God - Athira Bhargavan INVICTUS: THE DOUBLE FACE INVISIBLE GOD - Athira Bhargavan Another One Goes Tonight: Peter Diamond, Book 16 - Peter Lovesey, Simon Prebble, Recorded Books Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond Mystery) - Peter Lovesey My Husband Not My Own: A Psychological Thriller - John Ellsworth

Read these books recently and found them awe...some forever. The whole book was just so thrilling experience for me and it just didn't stop giving me full of suspense,mystery and thrill.


Worth to buy them as a print or kindle version. I had a feeling, it might not be that good at first, but I was wrong when I flipped  through the pages of suspense, beauty, romance,crime,horror, artwork etc which were present in these books. Enjoyed the whole story plot, brilliant execution of character's life and many more.. Must read... if you love unique and cool concepts.